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Get Free Training with Internet and Affiliate Marketing with Andie ParkesI started Internet Marketing in my spare time two years ago in the hopes to put an end once and for all to my constant financial struggles.  After losing my job due to corporate restructuring, I just couldn’t bear the thought of begging my way through interviews and trying to claw my way back into that corporate environment again in the hopes of fighting for yet another position that I felt I was settling for.

I always knew someday I would be my own boss. I just hate the very idea of another 9-5 job, being told how much money I can make, how much vacation time I can have, having to explain and touch base with everyone if I feel too sick to come to work, if I could get promoted or step up to learn another business area…. UGHHH!  I was starting to feel as though the majority of my day was completely out of my control, so time for a change.

I’ve always had a love and great passion for programming, computers and the internet in particular. A Programmer Analyst and Database Programmer & Automation Manager by trade I knew that internet marketing was a direction that I must follow.  I started my online ventures knowing nothing about internet marketing and spent the majority of my first year learning and studying everything I could possibly get my hands on.  It wasn’t long before I learned the cold hard truth, there’s a lot of crap out there, and a lot of people who only want to sell you the big dream of overnight riches flooding into your bank account as you party the night away, a business model I promised myself and my future followers I would not follow.

It took awhile to weed through the rough and down-right ugly to find the handful of mentors which I chose to follow online, and the wealth of knowledge they have given can only be summed up with one overwhelming WOW.  I have learned so much, and for the first time in a long long while I see my dreams coming true and I cannot wait to share with you the many tips, tricks and free items I learned along the way.   So join me for an honest, in-depth no bullshit look at what it really takes to be a successful internet marketer.

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Until Later!
Andie “Kick-Ass Programmer” Parkes!

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Andie Parkes

Internet Marketer at Andie Parkes
Successful Internet Marketer for over 5 years. Programmer Analyst and Database Programmer & Automation Manager for 15 Years. I enjoy helping people learn and succeed online. Keep honesty foremost in everything you do and don’t be afraid to tell it like it is.

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4 Responses to “Andie’s Internet Marketing Journey”

  1. Manish

    Hey Andie,
    Congratulations on setting up your blog. Also in reference to your post, you are right there are lots of so called “gurus” that will sell you products and in the end you notice nothing worked for you.. But actually it only worked for them in getting your money. The best training to get is one that has previously been implemented and has shown success for the creator.


  2. Paul Conway

    Hi Andie

    Found your comment in the 5 pillars post in Marketing with Alex, nice looking wp theme. Love the call to action last sentence in your interesting article.

    Onwards and upwards my friend.

  3. Sean

    Well done andie!!

    Pretty sweet to get a blog up and going isn’t it?

    When you initially here about it it seems like a monumental task but once you start taking action and figuring it out bit by bit it all starts coming together!

    And now, you have it for life.

    Whatever happens, whatever heights you scale with your online business you simply pop back to your personal blog and let everyone know about it 🙂

    It’s pretty cool


    “The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch”
    Jim Rohn

    • Andie17

      Thanks all!
      Make sure to stay tuned – a new BIG Product I will be releasing next week – a Tool to Help People Struggling Online!


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