Are You Prepared For a Server Crash

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Server is DownI got next to NO sleep last night (a lot on my mind), a whopping total of about 4 hours.So imagine my surprise and frustration when I got up to find that both of my servers had crashed and were currently down, no email no websites no sales, Nada – Zip – Zilch. Exactly what I need first thing this morning.

I know this comes with the online territory and shit happens, but it still makes me cringe when I see how much money I am losing every minute that my sites are down. I was able to find out what was going on through Twitter, and as far as I was able to estimate it had already been over 2 hours. God 2 hours and still counting times 56 active money making sites equals thousands of dollars I’ve already lost and I’ve only been up for about 15 minutes.

It’s such a helpless feeling, there really is nothing to do but wait, and wait, and wait some more. I keep hoping that Outlook will start firing off the messages received notification any moment now indicating we are back up and running, but not yet. Maybe if I keep hitting the refresh button with my mouse, nope that doesn’t work either.

And for me this is complete torture because I just want to jump in there myself and fix it, but I can’t. When I first started out online I did host my first couple of sites on my own in-house server, but that quickly became too overwhelming. There just are not enough hours in the day for me as it is, let alone to play Network Administrator all day. So like most of you I contract that out now, I tried Hostgator and they were good until they were takeover, so I moved all my sites to MDDHosting last year who really have been fantastic.

We Corrupted Ourselves

HALLELUJAH…… I just got the tweet I’ve been waiting for: “Our server is back online, customer servers to follow momentarily.” Server one UP, Server two UP, emails are a flowing! And now for damage control.

So are you prepared if your server crashes right now, sites down no moolah flowing in? Kissmetrics has a great post with some tips you can read, I’m not going to re-write them all here, I’m just too exhausted. But first and foremost make sure you have a recent and COMPLETE backup of all your files and your SQL database. Servers crash but in some cases once they have been restored it may not be to the point right before the crash happened, it may be a day or more prior. Hostgator had a really bad crash a few years back and was only able to restore things to 8 days before the crash happened losing all that work, luckily I had just performed a full back up the day before so no real loss for me except time and of course money.

REMEMBER – How far you go is based on how prepared you are to deal with adversity. Sure you may still get there without any preparation at all, but it will be a much harder and longer road!
Later Guys!

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