Are You Prepared For a Server Crash

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I got next to NO sleep last night (a lot on my mind), a whopping total of about 4 hours.So imagine my surprise and frustration when I got up to find that both of my servers had crashed and were currently down, no email no websites no sales, Nada – Zip – Zilch. Exactly what I need first thing this morning. I know this comes with the online territory and shit happens, but it still makes me cringe when I see how much money I am … Continued

SEO and Behavior-There is a Connection

When you design a website or a blog, how a user thinks or behaves while they are searching for something should come into the equation. What are users thinking when they get online? What exactly are they looking for when they land on your site? The Complexity of Searcher Behavior Some analyzers tend to simplify user behavior but you really can’t. There’s nearly always a complex process that goes along with why someone is searching for a particular item online.  No two search paths are alike. … Continued

GOOGAGEDDON – Are You Prepared??


Yup, it’s that time again, the time for yet another Google Update, and it should be happening any day now.  Brace YOURSELF – The latest Slap from big G is being called GOOGAGEDDON, and the rumors are already flying around the web that this will be the WORST Google SLAP since the summer of 2006.  A complete shake up of their search engine index, how they rate your site’s SEO, and how the effects will now include Local businesses. I can tell you that Google is … Continued

Three Tips on How to Build a Successful List

Niches, Content, and Incentives I was thinking today about list building and how many new internet marketers don’t know how to really build a list.  List building for newbie affiliate marketers or any person trying to make money online can be a difficult task. Building a list online can be a fantastic way to earn more money through your business endeavor.   It gets the word out about your products or services, increases potential sales possibly by the thousands.   Plus, it makes your list subscribers feel as … Continued

Traffic, Traffic and More Web Traffic – HELP!


What is the #1 Question People ask? “How do you attract people to your site?”  “What’s the Best Traffic Techniques?” “I have no traffic -no income – how do you do it?” I can’t get valuable traffic to my blogs,,,,on and on… but this is the REALITY.. TRAFFIC WILL COME IF YOU PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE AND TALK AND CONNECT WITH PEOPLE!    Listen, I started in this business many years ago and have struggled just like you.  I remember years ago when I didn’t even know what … Continued

A Sales Funnel is Crucial


Why a Proper Sales Funnel is Crucial to Your Online Business’ Success The phrase “sales funnel” gets thrown around the marketing world quite a bit.    You may be aware of its importance, but not really sure of what it is or how it works. To make matters worse, everyone on the web seems to have a different way of explaining what a sales funnel is. The concept itself is really not that complicated and there’s a good chance you’ve already taken a few steps towards making … Continued

Work At Home Opportunities and CPA


There are So Many Work-At-Home Opportunities and So Little Time! Now the beauty of these “work-at-home” avenues: you can be your own boss, you can make your own hours and you can decide how much money you make! How can you earn an income by working at home? Oh, let me count the ways: 1. Affiliate Marketing – What is affiliate marketing? It’s when you drive traffic to your website by selling others people’s products and earn a commission from the sale. 2. Virtual Assistant – … Continued