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This one will be short. A Huge SHOUT OUT and my ever grateful thanks to Noelle who tracked me down on Skype (no small task), to bring an issue to my attention that I was not even aware of. Makes me wonder just what my testing and administrative team has been doing these past few months.

It seems that as of two updates ago to the ‘all in one wp security & firewall’ plugin that a conflict started with the updated version of WordPress and was affecting my site by generating the following error when non-logged in users tried to post a comment: (I was wondering where you guys have been!)

“Wordpress Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

In addition I was not receiving any notification of comments pending moderation, but somehow your thoughts still made it through because there are quite A LOT of them waiting for me to approve and respond to over the past 2 months. I’ll get to them all as soon as I can, BUT also keep in mind that this may be theme specific and your comments MAY NOT have posted through to your database like mine did.

Anyway, if this bug is affecting you too my fix was a simple one and had to do with enabling Captcha on comments. So see if this works for you; navigate to the SPAM Prevention tab and uncheck the “Enable Captcha on Comment” Checkbox. Logout and test, things should be working normally for you now.

Where Are My Comments?

Do you know that 90% of what I know is because of what did NOT work out correctly and that I had to figure out how to fix? ALWAYS try to find some silver lining in whatever the situation may be, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant at the time.

I’m actually in the process of developing my own WordPress security plugin due out this Dec., but until then like all of you, I am still at the mercy of what’s currently out there.

In addition, well this little tribulation has just given me an incredible idea for a new plugin to develop (#silverlining.) I’m thinking…. Ummm…. something to “explain” situations just like this in real time. Need to go hit the GYM so I can lose myself in thought focusing on product flow and development so I can get it all worked out in my head.

Lastly, I’m thinking of starting a focus group to “bounce” ideas off of that are about 75% developed in theory only, that is… no review copies or beta tests, code has not been written yet. If you are interested in taking part or finding out more, then catch-up with me up on Skype, Email or Social Media and I’ll let you know when I’m going to start interviewing perspective candidates. For the rest of you, who don’t mind waiting, make sure you are on my list and keep checking your email for more details.

Did anyone else notice my opt-in disappeared? Related issue perhaps? Funny, I just noticed it myself; guess I really need to read my own blog more often! Note to self, fix Monday Morning AM!

Later Guys!
Shut the damn computer OFF and go out and DO SOMETHING with Someone You Love!

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